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Sunview International Products Ltd major in the clothing field for 13 years, and we are located in Guangzhou city, China, where are several world-famous fabric wholesale markets.


We major in the woman and kids clothing, such as blouses, tops, vests, skirts, dresses and so on. We operate the whole process from designing, printing, sewing, packing and shipping. All of our merchandise are shipped overseas, especially to Europe and North America.


Our team is very professional team, such as pattern master, factory instructor and sewing sample master have been working in this field for more than twenty or thirty years, and most of the sewing workers have been sewing for more than 5 years. Customers can send their design samples or design photos, and we will provide similar fabric color cards and accessories for their reference, and we will make samples within three days after they select the fabric.


Our factory is about 600 square meters, and we have about 150 workers in every process. We can sew about 20000pcs to 50000pcs per month, it depends on the styles are complicated or not.


Our goal is to be your best supplier in China. If u need a team who u can trust, and if u need a team who can offer the right clothing for u, if u need a team who take u as family member, pls contact us.

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